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BUYer Options


Thinking Of BUYING?


Successful Seller? or a First-Time ~ Last-Time Buyer?
We work HARD, to make it EASY!


  BUYER's Agency & BUYing Options  

Consider hiring us, as your own BUYER'S ADVOCATE.
    We'll help you find the house and buy it! 
         Our fees could be paid by the Seller of the home you buy.
                                                                   WE CAN REPRESENT YOUR INTERESTS!
New Construction? ReSale? For Sale By Owner? Listed Home?
    Foreclosed "Bargain Home"? FHA HUD Home? or VA Repo? 
          We'll walk with You through the Steps.



STEP ONE:  How will you FUND your purchase?

(A.) Will you be PAYING with CASH Or~ Will you need a new MORTGAGE?

We'll assist in selecting the right method of financing, for You.
We stay abreast of all the newest mortgage programs & the most affordable Lenders in the marketplace.

You pick the mortgage company and mortgage product ~ that will fit Your Budget.

Let's make sure ... that Home that you WANT is within your BUYING Power! ... We know the difference between "Dream Range" and "Reality".
          We help you get fully APPROVED to make a "DEE~al" on the Home of Your Dreams.

(B.) What is your TIMING?
Are you FREE to move Quickly? OR Do you a have a HOUSE to SELL first?
We can help you assess your equity position, and help advise you on whether you should move forward now ... or not. If you can move fast ~ we will.
But, if there's a challenge to overcome, we'll help you move through it! We don't need to hurry you, we're long-term players in the housing industry. (We'll still be here, when the time is right - for You!)

          We help YOU move forward on YOUR Realistic TIMETABLE!



Whether your Dream Home is a small, down-sized, maintenance-free attached home or a sprawling ranch with acreage in the country .... We can help!
Is your home For Sale on the MIBOR BLC™ system? We are MIBOR members.

• Foreclosure Bargain Hunting?? We are Registered FHA HUD Brokers & VA Brokers 

   We know the paperwork and the bidding guidelines!

• For-Sale-By-Owner signs? We can handle the negotiating.

• NO sign at all??? See a home you want? As your Advocate, we'll contact the owners for you! 

  We'll help you buy the home you want, not just show you what's for sale.

• Considering new Construction? With over 20 years of building experience ... 

  From the blueprints to final walk through - we'll be your Advocates for timely completion!

• Don't even know where/how to start?

  We'll help you create Your Own WISH List , then begin the search - for You!

          We work HARD to Make it EASY


From the moment we start "to look", until the exciting moment that "we find" ~ we'll be there with you ... through the Offers, the possible Counteroffers, the Inspections and through to the Closing, we'll be there. It's not enough to find the house - our goal is to get you succesfully to the closing table. 
          We aren't here for the practice,
We want to help YOU BUY!



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