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Have a Dispute?  Looking for a Resolution?  Try Mediation.

Why Mediate?

When communication breaks down and negotiations fail, third-party mediation can serve to bring about an amicable settlement between the parties.  Mediation can allow parties to debate, discuss and jointly determine their own outcome discretely without involving others, such as Grievance or Professional Standards Committees, lawyers and the legal system.

Mediation is
  • Confidential
  • Quiet, Private
  • Principled negotiation
  • Assisted settlement
  • Voluntary~Parties must be willing to mediate
Mediation process is
  • A Consensual Process
  • Parties meet together with a Neutral
  • Neutral guides the process
  • Parties own the process
  • Parties present their own case
  • Parties control the outcome, make the decisions
Benefits of Mediation
  • No set standard, no restrictive rules
  • Provides opportunity to rebuild relationships
  • Pragmatic serarch to mutually acceptable solutions
Mediation is NOT an END Avenue
If joint resolution cannot be found, parties can pursue other approaches, including arbitration and litigation

 Cheaper, Faster & Better than Arbitration or Litigation

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